Hartlepool Great War victims: Eade to Evans

Great War Victims (E)

Private William Eade, age unknown, Freeman Street

Christopher Easby, age unknown, South Parade

H William Easey, age and address unknown

Private W Ebden, age and address unknown

Lane Corporal Tom Edmenson, 28, Florence Street

Private Percy Edmundson, 18, Bright Street

Edward Egglestone, 31, Bentley Street

Private Joseph Elder, 23, Brunswick Street

Private W Elener, 34, Norfolk Street

William Robert Eley, age unknown, Brougham Street

Private John H Ellerker, 25, address unknown

Private T Elliott, 34, address unknown

Private George Ellison, age unknown, Moreland Street

Private JR Elstobb, age unknown, Mainsforth Terrace

Private E (Ned) Elvidge, 28, Warwick Place

Elvidge, age unknown, Queen Street

Sergeant Arthur Elwin, 28, Hutton Street

Private Stanley Emerson, 21, Caroline Street

Alfred T Emerson, 27, Spen Vale, Thornton Street

Private TR Emery, age and address unknown

Private Mark Emmerson, 21, West Hartlepool

Wilfred English, age unknown, Burbank Street

Gunner Tom Etherington, 31, Topcliffe Street

Lance Corporal Frederick Evans, 22, Caroline Street