Hartlepool heart patients urged to get active

More people are being urged to attend the Hartlepool Hearts group.
More people are being urged to attend the Hartlepool Hearts group.

A new plea for people with heart problems to get active has been sounded by a support group in Hartlepool.

And the message is “come and join us and feel the benefits”.

The Hartlepool Hearts Coronary Support Group provides vital help and support to people who have some sort of coronary problem.

Secretary David Tyson appealed for more people to get involved as numbers still remain at around the 20 mark for the weekly sessions.

The group meets every Monday in the Mill House Leisure Centre from 1.30pm to 2.30pm.

It’s a chance for people to get active under expert guidance– yet the numbers taking up the chance rarely change.

Mr Tyson added: “It is for elderly people and people with heart problems and we have circuit training, which is very similar to cardiac rehabilitation in hospital, for post-operative care.”

The sessions always start with a warm-up involving all the group, before people split up into smaller groups of one and two.

“Then, various exercises are done in a circuit which includes an exercise bike and other typical formats.”

Pulses are taken regularly to make sure heartbeats are monitored.

And Mr Tyson is hoping numbers of members will increase.

The sessions are held on a Monday in the daytime which may be easier for the more elderly people to get to

But the exercise classes are not the only way in which people can get involved in the Hartlepool Hearts Coronary Support Group. It also holds sessions in the Central Library in York Road on the first Thursday in alternate months from 7pm.

Membership now stands at around 40 people and they are all grateful for the support they receive.

The sessions in the Mill House Leisure Centre involve members doing exercises such as bicep curls and hamstring exercises on a circuit basis.

There is no bar on age and members are currently aged from 50 to people in their mid 80s.

To find out more about the group, contact David on (01429) 281709.