Hartlepool hits back at ‘couch potatoes’ tag


Mail readers are sceptical over the results of a national survey which said more than a quarter of Hartlepool adults don’t do enough exercise.

An estimated 26.9% of residents over 16 do less than 30 minutes of physical activity a week according to Sport England’s Active Lives Survey 2015-16.

It is the second highest inactivity level in the North East. In reactions posted on hartlepoolmail.co.uk, a reader going by the name missoldhartlepool said: “That’s where they want you, sat on the couch on your own being brainwashed with advert after advert on TV.

“No good you being down a pub socialising, you might develop a critical mind and start disguising with others how politicians are destroying this country with immigration and the state of the health service.”

Another reader, Poolie 13, said he was pestered to fill in the survey adding: “At last the letters stopped but I wouldn’t believe the results for one minute even though the most exercise some people get in this town is a walk to the takeaway to pick up their tea.”

Reader ivan the terrible said: “I find this hard to believe if I’m honest there are so many gyms and sports clubs in town with full books of memberships. Also what percentage of these ‘couch potatoes’ have a manual labour job versus sedentary office type positions? Surely hand balling scaffolding all day counts as a form of exercise against let’s say typing or filing nails at a desk!”

And Serf criticised the council for the loss of Seaton’s community centre adding: “I suppose the parking charges are an incentive to walk further, how kind of them to think of us.”