Hartlepool hospice’s £12,000 iPad joy

Rebecca Jobson from the Hospice and Sean Bowman from RBS
Rebecca Jobson from the Hospice and Sean Bowman from RBS

A HOSPICE has won a grant of more than £12,000 that will allow patients to stay in touch with loved ones.

Hartlepool & District Hospice has received the cash from RBS Community Giving, which will be used to purchase iPads and support for use by patients and staff.

The iPads will have wide -ranging benefits for patients while they are in the care of the hospice.

For patients staying in the Inpatient Unit, they will be able to keep in close contact with friends and family by email or social media and will be able catch up with the news or do some shopping.

Bosses say this can be a huge comfort for patients and their families and can reduce any sense of isolation or loneliness while staying in the hospice, helping to bring about a feeling of normality.

Sandra Britten, deputy chief executive at the hospice, said, “Computers are a huge part of daily life for many people and can enable someone to maintain a sense of normality whilst in our care. Simple things like buying a gift for a loved one’s birthday or catching up with friends who live far away can all help patients to have a sense of independence, which otherwise would be difficult.

“The iPads will help our staff to keep communication open for patients with varying challenges.

“On behalf of patients, families and our staff, I would like to say thank you to RBS Community Giving for supporting Hartlepool & District Hospice.”

The iPads will have a direct impact on patient care by supporting communication for patients who may be unable to speak or have limited mobility due to their illness.

This can be very frustrating and distressing for them however, by using specialist apps and with staff training patients will be able to use the tablets to express themselves. Nursing staff will be able to respond to their needs more quickly and reduce any discomfort, pain or distress.

For patients visiting the Day Hospice, these iPads will help to support social activity such as playing games and using social media which can help to build relationships and reduce feelings of isolation.

Gill Walsh, business community partner for NatWest said: “We are delighted to be able to support such a worthy cause in Hartlepool. We hope the iPads will really make a difference to the people using the hospice.”