Hartlepool hospital campaigners to take over Tesco in fight

Stan Cronin (left) and Derrick Rowbotham with Town of Hartlepool Challenge group members
Stan Cronin (left) and Derrick Rowbotham with Town of Hartlepool Challenge group members

Hospital campaigners will drum up more support in the ongoing fight for services in Hartlepool when they set out their stall at one of the town’s supermarkets.

Members of the Save Hartlepool Hospital campaign will be at Tesco Extra, in Burn Road, tomorrow to Sunday, to raise awareness and encourage more people to get involved.

It’s never too late to care

Save Hartlepool Hospital campaign spokesman

Customers will be invited to sign the group’s petition calling for the return of hospital services to the Holdforth Road site, including accident and emergency department, and prevention of any further losses.

The campaign group will also be handing out flyers telling people how they can get involved in the campaign, run by the Town of Hartlepool Challenge group.

A group spokesman said: “It’s all to raise awareness of the whole situation regarding the hospital and for people to ask any questions.

“We are very grateful to Tesco for giving us the opportunity to do this.

“Our message to people is it’s never too late to care.

“We want the services we rightly deserve to be returned back to the area and community where they are most needed.”

The group will be in the foyer of Tesco tomorrow and Saturday, between 10am to 6pm, and on Sunday from 10am until 4pm. People who sign up to receive the group’s newsletter will be entered into a draw to win a £20 Tesco gift voucher.

They can also get details of upcoming meetings and will be directed to the new Save Hartlepool Hospital website, which launched a few weeks ago.

People are invited to attend the group’s next official meeting on Thursday, October, 8 at 6pm. The venue is still to be confirmed.

Group members recently attended commissioning intentions events, held by the Hartlepool and Stockton Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG).

The CCG pays for health services, including those in hospitals, and was seeking feedback on its spending plans for the next financial year.