Hartlepool jobless figures fall

A woman looking into the window of a job centre.
A woman looking into the window of a job centre.

THE number of people claiming jobseekers allowance in Hartlepool fell last month and is now the lowest it has been since November 2011.

Eighty seven less people were claiming the benefit in the town in May than in April.

But despite the drop, the 4,414 claimants in Hartlepool still means the percentage of people out of work is still significantly higher than the national and regional average.

The number of 18-24 year olds claiming the benefit in the town also fell slightly from 1,285 to 1,265 last month - the lowest since May 2011.

But those figures still mean nearly 30 per cent of the young people in the town are out of work and claiming jobseekers allowance.

Last month also saw a drop in the number of jobless people in Easington.

The number of people claiming the benefit in Easington fell from 3,355 to 3,254 while 25 young people in the area also managed to find work.

Stockton North, which includes Billingham and Wolviston, also saw a fall in the amount of jobseekers allowance claimants last month.

A total of 4,026 people claimed jobseekers allowance in May compared to 4,092 in April.

Last months figure in the Stockton North constituency is the lowest since December 2011.

Meanwhile, some of the jobseekers looking for work in Sedgefield were also successful last month.

The amount of people claiming the benefit in the constituency fell from 2,455 to 2,413 in May.

The number of young people out of work also fell from 810 to 790.

Despite the number of jobseekers allowance claimants in Hartlepool and the surrounding area falling, it will be of little consolation to those who are still searching for work.

The Mail launched the Work in Progress campaign to follow the fortunes of young jobseekers and highlight the difficulty in finding paid work in the town.

Employment minister Mark Hoban, who previously backed the campaign, and welcomed the latest jobs figures revealed yesterday, which highlight employment across the country has risen by 24,000 over the last three months. But unemployment rate is still the highest in the North East.