Hartlepool launches ‘Pull a Peculiar Package Day’ to celebrate mobility scooter boat tow

WERE you fooled? Here’s our April Fool story from this morning – based on a real-life tale that was bizarre in itself.

HARTLEPOOL is aiming for a new tourist attraction – and it won’t be a drag.

Reader Nigel Swinburne sent us this picture of a mobility scooter towing a boat.

Reader Nigel Swinburne sent us this picture of a mobility scooter towing a boat.

A newly-formed mobility scooter group in the town is planning to launch an annual global occasion called Pull A Peculiar Package Day.

Members from the Hartlepool Mobility Scooter Group decided to create the event on the back of the story – which went viral on the internet – of the mystery mobility scooter driver seen towing a boat through the streets of the town.

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The idea is that people from across the world would flock to Hartlepool – hauling a host of weird and wonderful cargo on the back of their mobility scooters.

Chairman of the group, June Leaf, said she and the rest of the members had been trying out a range of different items to pull – including a cow.

She told the Mail: “We came up with the idea after reading about the man towing the boat through Hartlepool on the back of his mobility scooter.

“One of our members hooked a trailer up to his scooter, and put his cow on the back!

“We were all shocked when we saw that! The cow didn’t seem to mind though, she seemed quite happy having a change of scenery.

“I suppose it must get quite boring being stuck in a field all day just chewing on grass.”

Mrs Leaf, of Jape Lane, added: “Anyway, we all started talking about what else we could pull along on a trailer and it went from there really.

“It ended up with us creating the Pull A Peculiar Package Day, which we are sure will become really popular.

“I think it will be a fantastic event which will really help to boost tourism in the town.

“There are thousands of people using mobility scooters these days.

“An annual rally, with trailers, could be very popular.”