Hartlepool lifeboat goes to fishing boat’s rescue

Hartlepool RNLI's inshore lifeboat  Atlantic 85 Solihull
Hartlepool RNLI's inshore lifeboat Atlantic 85 Solihull

HARTLEPOOL RNLI’s new inshore lifeboat went to the aid of a fishing boat after it suffered mechanical failure.

The Atlantic 85 Solihull was dispatched by Humber Coastguard to the wooden boat four miles east of Hartlepool in the Tees Fairway area on Sunday afternoon.

The boat, which was carrying two people, was towed back to Hartlepool Marina.

Matt Adams, volunteer helm on the Hartlepool RNLI Inshore lifeboat said: “We launched at 1.14pm and quickly arrived on scene. There were two people onboard, who had been enjoying the days fishing, and we had the vessel under tow at 1.30pm.”

Mike Craddy, operations manager at Hartlepool RNLI said: “This is a routine job for our volunteer crew members who train every week so we can help save lives at sea.

“We escorted the fishing boat to the safety of Hartlepool Marina and the Inshore Lifeboat departed the casualty at 2.25pm to return to the lifeboat station.”