Hartlepool lifeboat launched to stranded vessel

Hartlepool RNLI launched.
Hartlepool RNLI launched.

Harlepool's RNLI lifeboat was called to tow a stranded boat to safety.

The town's inshore lifeboat was needed to assist a boat with two people on board that became stranded after its propeller was fouled.

Volunteer crew members were launched at 4.27pm on Friday, June 9, to assist a 20ft creel boat that had a fouled propeller near the Heugh breakwater at the Headland.

The vessel was alongside the breakwater when the inshore lifeboat arrived a few minutes after launching and was taken under tow to the nearby Headland Kafiga Landing.

There were no injuries to the two people on the boat and the inshore lifeboat returned to the Ferry Road boathouse and was made ready for service by 5.15pm