Hartlepool local elections: Who will get your vote in Seaton ward?

In local elections week, we are giving Hartlepool Borough Council election candidates an opportunity to tell voters why they would be the best person to represent the area.

Tuesday, 3rd May 2016, 9:00 am
Updated Wednesday, 4th May 2016, 4:05 pm
Candidates for the Seaton ward in the local elections. Clockwise, from top left, James Black, Martin Dunbar, Philip Lindley, Sue Little, Iris Ryder, Mike Young.
Candidates for the Seaton ward in the local elections. Clockwise, from top left, James Black, Martin Dunbar, Philip Lindley, Sue Little, Iris Ryder, Mike Young.

Today we feature the Seaton ward.

James Black (Putting Hartlepool First)

As a hard working resident of Seaton Carew, I see the potential in our area, and just like you I see the irresponsible decisions that have been made that currently blight it.

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I want change! I want resident’s views to be at the forefront of Seaton decisions, not made by someone who has no association to our area or because a Party whip says so!

I am a School Business Manager in Middlesbrough, a position I find both rewarding and challenging. I have previously worked as an Internal Auditor for 8 years. Both roles have equipped me with the fundamental skills required for holding the Council to account and ensuring your money is being spent wisely.

I will push to ensure that the promised regeneration monies are ploughed back into Seaton, providing much needed investment in our local Community Services and not spent on certain Councillors pet projects.

I will make sure the Council does not back down from its position on Longscar Hall, let’s end this ongoing farce!

I will support the wider regeneration of Hartlepool, for too long we have been the poor relation to our neighbouring authorities.

Put Seaton First on May 5th – Vote James Black.

Martin Dunbar (Labour)

I appreciate the hardship residents are experiencing because of this Tory Government.

I stand firm against unfair austerity cuts and the persistent attack on Hartlepool and shall resolutely fight against them.

What I have to offer is a strong and effective voice for the people of Seaton, which is currently missing at the Council.

The current representation you have is both negative and fails to offer an alternative way of working at a time when Hartlepool is hardest hit.

It is important that all Councillors work together rather than grand standing.

My ambition is to see Hartlepool thrive as a town.

Regeneration of Seaton must complement the residential area.

I feel Jutland Road area and the residential parts of Seaton are not effectively represented.

Seaton ward also has one of the lowest attendances by its current Councillors at meetings this cannot continue.

If elected I will:

• Fight to keep services like Seaton Library

• Hold street surgeries where I come to you

• Target funding and resources for the residential areas of

Seaton Ward Issues such as the public inquiry into wind turbines needs a councillor who will turn up and speak up. I will do this.

Philip Lindley (UKIP)

I introduce myself as UKIPs prospective candidate for the Seaton Ward, I have a life time association in Hartlepool and I have lived in Seaton Carew 36 years, I was brought up on the Headland and went to Baltic Street School.

We have great colleges providing the opportunity for further education, in the art school and Hartlepool colleges of Further Education, which served me well.

I want Jobs, Jobs and more jobs to give hope to the youth our town, who normally have to leave if they wish to get anywhere in life.

Seaton Carew is considered a resort and an asset for Hartlepool; although visitor’s attractions have diminished over the years, there is an on-going need to keep promoting Seaton to stop it sliding in to being another faded seaside village.

As a UKIP councillor I would work with the other UKIP people to try to bring industry and jobs to our town; Firstly by getting rid of the negative images of Hartlepool such as of a drug addiction rate of over twice the national average.

Secondly by helping on reducing having one of the highest unemployment rates in the North East of England.

Sue Little (Independent)

I am standing as Independent Candidate, having no loyalties to any political party, I am ‘‘Free’’ to vote for the benefit of Seaton ward.

I was born and brought up and still live in Seaton a true Seatonian.

I Promise to be the Voice of our Ward and stand up and fight all issues that concerns as a Ward and as a town.

Dog fouling, landfill sites, wind turbines, air pollution, Longscar Hall, anti-social behaviour, pot holes, street lightening, education and health

Issues by keeping the fight going to save our Hospital and to try and stop any more departments transferring over to North Tees and James Cook Hospitals

I promise to Take and act upon your concerns and reply to all queries.

I would like to make a difference, by bring back the community spirit, working with residents, children and families within our area.

If elected I promise to be seen within our area walking around talking to residents as well as doing monthly surgeries.

To make Seaton Ward Flourish, Vote Independent Vote Sue Little.

I will be VERY proud to represent Seaton ward residents.

Iris Ryder (Green)

As a lifelong campaigner for the environment, I know the Green Party is committed to arguing against so-called unconventional means of obtaining oil and gas.

Fracking has been proven as causing earthquakes in eight different states in the U.S.A., while Underground Coal Gasification (UCG), the process by which they set fire to underground coal seams, has poisoned the water, the soil, and the air over hundreds of square kilometres in Queensland, Australia.

We get both these hazards in one with the plans to perform UCG on our own coastline, and the extra risk of acidifying the sea, in what the Conservative Lord Howells calls “the desolate North”.

I’m standing for the Green Party because they won’t take corporate mone lighthousey, and they look at the evidence before choosing what is best for the people of this country, not rich foreign businessmen.

Mike Young (Local Conservatives)

I am pleased to be nominated as the Local Conservative candidate for the Seaton Ward, I have always felt the need to find ways to support the community and have been proactive across Hartlepool.

This year I have been nominated once again, partly based on the success of the number of votes collected for which I am sincerely grateful to the residents of Seaton.

Your support has proven that there is a real desire to see a stronger, safer and more prosperous future.

As a party, we have seen very strong developments through the Local Conservative Association, much of which has been linked to concerns about local health services and the recent Labour hike in Council Tax.

On health provision in the town, Local Conservatives spearheaded the campaign to retain fertility services in the town and as a local party, our three councillors have rejected the hike in Council Tax that is nothing short of outrageous given the lack of progress made by a ‘one size fits all’ Labour movement.

For the party that is spearheading cleaner streets, better maintained and safer highways, support for the local economy and more secure communities in Seaton and across the town, and for the candidate who listens, vote Mike Young.