Hartlepool Mail columnist features on Channel 5’s The Hotel Inspector

Alan Wright with Hotel Inspector Alex Polizzi
Alan Wright with Hotel Inspector Alex Polizzi

A HARTLEPOOL Mail columnist spent a Hard Day’s Night at a hotel as part of a TV show that aims to reverse the fortunes of struggling hotels.

Alan Wright stayed at the Epstein House bed and breakfast in Liverpool, the former home of Beatles manager Brian Epstein, as a guest hotel critic on Channel 5’s The Hotel Inspector.

The show sees formidable hotelier Alex Polizzi on a quest to salvage some of Britain’s worst-run hotels and B&Bs. After she has dished out her words of wisdom, travel writers are invited to stay and see if they have improved.

Alan was one of three writers who gave the hotel the once-over, even sleeping in the room where Epstein grew up, and was chosen as he has previously written magazine pieces about Beatles tourism.

Unable to reveal whether the B&B was able to Get Back to its former glory or whether Alex had to just Let It Be, Alan said: “There were quite a few things which were problems. The owner Patrick is quite a character and I think it will make interesting TV.

“There’s a lot of potential there, he could probably do a lot more with the place than he does.”

Alan, who will revisit the B&B to see if it has improved, described Alex as “really charming, pleasant and good company”.

The show airs at 9pm tomorrow.