Hartlepool Mail comes to the rescue of town man for the second time in 15 years

Henk Hordijk with his returned rings
Henk Hordijk with his returned rings

THE Hartlepool Mail has come to the rescue of a town man for the second time in 15 years.

Back in 1998, we helped Henk Hordejk to be reunited with his daughter Jill when he hadnt seen her for 25 years.

Now, we’ve helped Henk again by re-uniting him with three rings which he’d lost and which were of huge sentimental value.

Henk, now 76, said: “It shows that the Hartlepool Mail does good things. Thank you.”

He said one was an 18-carat gold ring from South America which was given to him by his mother when he was a youngster. The others were bought for him by his wife.

Henk, a former seaman, first made the headlines in 1998.

His daughter Jill, who lived in Norway, made an appeal through the Mail to trace her dad who she believed was living in the Hartlepool area. They had not seen each other for more than 25 years but Jill asked us to put out a plea.

Henk saw the article and was soon reunited with his long-lost daughter who had not seen him since she was one year old.

Fate struck twice when we recently advertised a plea by Specsavers opticians in Hartlepool.

They had found a spectacles case had a small collection of rings hidden inside when they were searching through second-hand glasses which had been donated to less well-off people in Third World countries.

They found one ring with a black onyx stone; two signet rings; and a fourth is with a small medal depicting St George. They also found a set of cufflinks.

Henk said: “I had put them in an empty glasses case and didn’t think anything about it.

“Then I went for a new pair of glasses and thought I would take the old ones with me.

“I just handed in three sets of what I thought were old cases but one of them had my jewellery in. I had always kept them safe but then I spotted them in the Mail and thought they looked like mine.”

Henk was born in the Dutch colony of Surinam. He moved to Hartlepool when he married for a second time and Jill was his daughter from his first marriage.

Sadly, she passed away some years ago after suffering a blood clot.

Henk, who also worked at Stadium Plastics and as a steelworker, moved to Hartlepool in the 1970s.