Hartlepool man at centre of Magaluf sex scandal to face the media

CARNAGE: Alan Collinson
CARNAGE: Alan Collinson

A TOWN man at the centre of a holiday sex scandal is expected to face the media tomorrow to explain his role in a story which has made headlines across the globe.

Alan Collinson, 28, runs Carnage Events in Magaluf, the party hotspot of Mallorca.

Mr Collinson, who lived in Grasmere Street before moving to the sunshine island, runs events such as bar crawls and booze cruise boat trips aimed at the thousands of young revellers who head to Magaluf each year.

He has hit the headlines in recent days after video footage of a teenage reveller taking part in a Carnage event was posted onto the internet.

He has previously appeared in the Mail after narrowly avoiding jail following a pub attack in 2010.

The former squaddie, who served in Afghanistan, attacked Jamie Fleming in the town’s Princess Helena.

Teesside Crown Court heard the attack started after he suspected his victim had tried to chat up his girlfriend.

He admitted grievous bodily harm and received 12 months’ prison, suspended for 12 months, with supervision by the probation service.

The Magaluf video, which sparked outrage at home and in Spain, reportedly shows the girl performing degrading sex acts with 24 men in a nightclub having been promised she would win “a holiday”.

It later turned out that “a holiday” was actually the name of a four-euro cocktail.

Spain’s Women’s Institute called the video “degenerate, discriminatory and unfair” towards women while politicians in Spain have also hit out over the incident.

Mr Collinson initially tried to play down the incident on his Facebook page, claiming he didn’t know “what all the fuss is about” and insisting it was “an average night on a Carnage bar crawl”.

However, his Facebook page has since been removed and bosses at Carnage Events have arranged a media call tomorrow after several national tabloid newspapers sent reporters out to Mallorca to get reaction to the story.

Carnage Events has invited “the world’s media” to Magaluf Rocks venue on its Twitter account to ask questions about the incident tomorrow lunchtime.