Hartlepool man’s thumbs up for home treatment scheme

Edward Alton with community rapid response nurse Katy Ingledew.
Edward Alton with community rapid response nurse Katy Ingledew.

Grateful Edward Alton has praised a health scheme which saved him from a stay in hospital for a painful chest infection.

Instead, the Hartlepool man got the intravenous therapy he needed from the comfort of his own living room.

For two weeks, a rapid response nurse visited twice a day to administer the antibiotic treatment through a catheter into a vein.

Now it’s completed, he gets regular visits from a community nurse to check on his health.

He said: “To be told I could stay at home to have the treatment was a big relief. I think it has helped my recovery.”

Edward has suffered chest pains for years. At its worst, he needed hospital treatment for pneumonia.

In the last year, he was diagnosed with a bacterial lung infection pseudomonas, and has a condition where the airways of the lungs become widened, leading to excess mucus which make the lungs prone to infection.

He said: “All the community nurses who have treated me have been fantastic and have always been there to help me – even if I want to just pick up the phone to ask them a question.” 

Community rapid response nurse Katy Ingledew said: “By linking in with hospital staff we are able to create a system where we can visit a patient’s home and carry out this treatment.

“I love being a community nurse, visiting patients in an environment they are far more comfortable in.”