Hartlepool mosque event aims to bring different faiths together

Tahir Selby pictured outside the Brougham Terrace Mosque.
Tahir Selby pictured outside the Brougham Terrace Mosque.

Representatives of three faiths are set to come together at an event in Hartlepool.

This Sunday, the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community at the Nasir Mosque at Brougham Terrace, Hartlepool, will be hosting a Religious Founders Day.

Three guest speakers have been invited to represent these religions and speak about their faith. The Right Revered Paul Butler, the Bishop of Durham will be representing Christianity, Victor Gallant from Newcastle, will be representing Judaism and Maulana Ayaz Khan from London, will be representing Islam.

The theme of the meeting will be on ‘the three Abrahamic Faiths’ and it is hoped it will help develop better understanding of the faiths.

Maulana Tahir Selby, the Imam of the Nasir Mosque, said: “We have been holding these Religious Founders Days throughout the world since the days of our founder Hazrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad.

“They are an excellent way to bring the different faiths together and help remove misunderstandings people may have about other faiths.

“There is only one condition attached and that is that the speaker must only speak about their own faith and not attack anyone elses faith.

“We feel that it is very important to learn about each other and this in turn helps promote peace and love for each other, which is very much needed in this present time where the world is gripped in fear of terrorism and hate.”

There will be an opportunity for the audience to ask the panel questions. It is open by invitation only, but a anyone wanting to attend, should contact the mosque at 01429 261403.