Hartlepool mourns loss of Yorkshire terrier Jack who died in ‘savage’ attack

24-year-old Yorkshire terrier Jack died in a 'savage' attack.
24-year-old Yorkshire terrier Jack died in a 'savage' attack.
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Readers have taken to Facebook to express their sadness over the loss of one of Britain’s oldest dogs who died in a ‘savage’ attack yesterday.

Little Yorkshire terrier Jack died after he was mauled in an attack by another dog while on a walk along Hartlepool Marina.

The 24-year-old was rushed to Bridge Vets in Stranton by devastated owner Ray Bunn after the incident, but he tragically died in the car on the way there.

Grief-stricken members of the public have expressed their sadness over his death, calling it ‘heart-breaking.’

Reader Tracey Leonard said on Facebook as the news broke: “Aw this is absolutely heart-breaking! 
“Poor old boy. How do you cope with something like that? 
“I hope I never have to find out with any of my dogs.”

Others said the attack was ‘very upsetting’ and said their thoughts were with his family at this sad time.

Another reader, Wendy Ridden said: “Poor little thing,” while Dannii King added: “Felt so sad when I read this.”

Little Jack was owned by Ray and Mary Bunn, 66, of Appleby Grove, having first been taken in by the couple 16 years ago after their daughter spotted him being tied to a tree and left there.

The couple are devastated by his death and have contacted Cleveland Police who say they are looking into what happened to see if any offences have been committed.

On the Mail website others expressed their shock at the attack.

One reader called ‘vanillapod,’ said: “I have to say this was a terrible upsetting story to read today, an innocent little dog was killed.

“My heart goes out to the owners as I know they will feel heart-broken.”

While another member of the public called ‘Owtonman’ commented: “So sorry to hear what happened, at least you gave him the best years of his life.”