Hartlepool MP Iain Wright favours staying in EU

Hartlepool MP Iain Wright.
Hartlepool MP Iain Wright.
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Hartlepool MP Iain Wright is backing the UK to remain part of the European Union.

Britons will go to the polls on June 23 and vote on whether to accept Prime Minister David Cameron’s renegotiated deal on EU membership, or go it alone.

I’m very patriotic and I want Britain to have global influence.

Iain Wright

And Iain Wright will be pushing for an ‘In’ vote in the run-up to the big day.

“I will campaign to remain in the EU,” he said.

“I’ll do this because I’m very patriotic and I want Britain to have global influence as well ensuring that we as a country are prosperous and secure.

“Playing a leading role within the EU helps achieve that. Membership of the EU allows this country to have access to the world’s largest trading bloc, with a customer base of half a billion people.

“Global companies base themselves in the UK because of our membership of the European Union, and that springboard to the world’s largest market. If we weren’t a member, that wouldn’t happen and this country would lose jobs and business as a result.

“I also want Britain to remain a member because of the positive impact upon protection in the workplace for employees.

“Workers in Britain have benefitted from rights such as protection for part time and temporary workers, rights for working parents and rights to paid holidays and a regular lunch break.”

l Nissan says it wants to see the UK remain part of the European Union.

The firm said that while the decision was ultimately a matter for the British people, it believed it made ‘the most sense for jobs, trade and costs’ for the UK to stay within Europe.