Hartlepool MP still waiting on answer to Commons debate over Economist article

Hartlepool MP Iain Wright
Hartlepool MP Iain Wright

A HOST of angry Hartlepudlians have voiced their concerns over articles which condemned the town in an international publication.

More than a week after the controversial pieces about Hartlepool were printed in The Economist, arguments are still rumbling on.

The articles, describing Hartlepool as “failing”, “ugly” and with “appalling” schools, caused fury in the town.

It sparked a debate on the Mail’s comments section of our website with some people agreeing with Economist writer and Oxford University graduate Daniel Knowles, who wrote one of the pieces, and others being furious that he dare make such damning comments to the rest of the world about Hartlepool, potentially scuppering its chances of investment and funding.

It saw Hartlepool’s MP Mr Wright call for a debate in the House of Commons about the issue and independent business consultant Colin Griffiths offering Mr Knowles a proper tour of the town.

Today Mr Wright said: “I haven’t been told either way whether a debate as yet will happen. I have been contacted by a number of constituents, however, saying that I did the right thing.”

And Mr Griffiths, who is based at Stranton Business Centre, said: “I haven’t heard anything back from the journalist, but I didn’t expect to, to be honest.

“Different people I’ve been talking to have supported me and have basically said that it’s just typical of someone from down south to say such things about the north.

“They don’t have any idea of what’s happening up here.”