Hartlepool mum’s delight at support for Facebook page

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THE amazing mum of a battling youngster is delighted with the rising awareness of her son’s rare condition.

Baby Dylan Davis has a rare skull condition called Craniosynostosis which affects just one in every 3,000 babies.

Dylan Davis, 20mths.

Dylan Davis, 20mths.

The syndrome causes sections of the skull to be fused together preventing it from expanding and leading to pressure on the sufferer’s growing brain.

And as a result Dylan has had to undergo two operations to remove parts of his skull to relieve that pressure.

His mum, Diane Hender, who has three other children, says the illness is relatively unheard of and as a result wants to raise awareness of it.

The 37-year-old, of the Clavering area of Hartlepool, is an administrator on a Facebook page called Cranioparents UK, a support group to help other parents suffering from the condition.

And after she and Dylan appeared in the Mail earlier this week, the page has had a huge boost with an extra 200 ‘likes’, and new members.

One new member has told Diane how she suffered with the same condition as a child, while two other mums have spoken of their children’s plights both pre, and post operation.

She said: “The response we have shad since the first article has been absolutely fantastic. We’ve managed to get over 200 more ‘likes’, with 114 of them in just one day.

“Craniosynostosis is a little known condition so it’s great to have awareness of it raised.

“Hearing about it from somebody who has hit adulthood following surgery, and to know that things can turn out well is great.”

She added: “It has certainly all been very positive which is great.”