Hartlepool mum’s warning after son’s freak accident

Joshua with his mum Michelle next to the broken glass door that he cut his leg on.
Joshua with his mum Michelle next to the broken glass door that he cut his leg on.

Young Joshua Dunn’s summer holiday fun has been cut short after a freak accident left him badly injured.

The nine-year-old was playing in the family’s living room when he managed to put his leg through an internal glass door and a huge piece of glass went right through his lower leg.

Joshua’s frantic family called for an ambulance, but, 15 minutes later when it hadn’t turned up, they decided they couldn’t wait any longer and rushed him to the One Life centre.

Medics at the centre managed to stem the bleeding, but the following day Joshua had to undergo surgery to repair the damage to his leg.

Now, the youngster has to use a wheelchair until his wounds and stitches heal.

Mum, Michelle Ingram, 28, said the ordeal was horrific for her son, and the rest of the family, and she wants to warn other parents to remove or board up any internal glass doors.

Michelle, who lives in Hartlepool with her husband Gary, 34, and other children Chloe, seven, Bethany, five, and eight-month-old Jade, said the incident has left them all shaken up.

She said Joshua kicked the door to open it, but the door got stuck and his foot and leg went through the glass.

Michelle said: “There was blood everywhere and there was a hole in his leg, just above the ankle. The hole was that big you could actually see right through his leg.

“He was on the floor screaming and he was shaking with fright.

“Just as this was going on our floor fitter arrived and heard all the noise.

“He came in and talked to Joshua and managed to calm him down.

“I was in a state, I thought he was going to bleed to death, there was so much blood.”

However, thankfully, the glass missed the artery and Joshua is back home with his family. Michelle said: “He has had a lucky escape really, it could have been a lot worse.

“I would advise other people not to have glass doors in their homes.”