Hartlepool musician lives his dream by performing alongside The Faces

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“That was a lovely feeling and the hairs stood up on the back of my neck.” Mick Donnelly

Mick Donnelly couldn’t believe his luck when he was asked to play with music greats Rod Stewart and Ronnie Wood at a charity concert in Surrey on Saturday.

The professional musician, who runs Mick Donnelly Academy of Music, played saxophone and flute at the Rock ‘n’ Horsepower concert at Hurtwood Park Polo Club in Ewhurst.

“It was amazing -and there was a really fantastic crowd,” he said.

“It was well-worth the seven and a half hour trip down there.

“It was a busy weekend as rehearsals were all week and them I had to go back to Hartlepool or the Academy fundraiser- so it 
was hectic.”

He was first asked by Kenny Jones to play for the annual concert, Rock ‘n’ Horsepower charity event at Hurtwood Park Polo Club in Ewhurst, Surrey, in June, and was invited back for a special concert reuniting the famous Faces.

“I didn’t get to see much of Rod Stewart but I’m friends with Ronnie and he always makes himself available-he is a lovely chap,” he added.

In the late 60s and early 70s The Faces were one of the biggest bands around Famous for huge hits such as Stay With Me and Ooh La La.

But the weekend saw the three surviving members of the original rock group reunite - 40 years after the band split- to raise over £150k for the charity.

Former front man Rod Stewart, 70, reunited with Rolling Stones rocker Ronnie Wood, 68, and the bands’ original drummer Kenney Jones, 66, to play a 45 minute set at the sold-out concert.

Kicking off at 4.30pm the concert saw a crowd of 10,000 turnout.

“The best bit was the elation The Faces got on stage,” Mr Donnelly said.

“We were told to wait on stage waiting and when the three of them walked on stage together the crowd went wild.

“That was a lovely feeling and the hairs stood up on the back of my neck.

“I hope the three guys will get back together again but it was a one-off gig because they are all doing their own thing.”

Mr Donnelly provided the backing to The Face’s set of around eight numbers and will also have a solo part.

He also played throughout the entire four and a half hour concert, and shared the stage with a host of other musicians accompanying legendary artists; including Steve Harley, Paul Carack, Midge Ure and Paul Weller.