Hartlepool Nuclear Power Station welcomes search dog to help with security

Bumper with his handler and fellow search dogs.
Bumper with his handler and fellow search dogs.

Hartlepool power station has welcomed the newest member of staff to site – eight month old Bumper who has joined the site’s detection team.

Every three years the site shuts down on one of its reactors which allow the staff on site to carry out checks and maintenance.

Bumper with fellow search dog Dash

Bumper with fellow search dog Dash

During the shutdown, which lasts for around six weeks, around 1,000 extra contract workers join Hartlepool’s team.

With nearly 2,000 people coming on to site each day along with many cars and delivery lorries, Hartlepool’s security team is also strengthened with support from an explosives detection team.

Brian Matthews, strategic outage manager at Hartlepool, said: “The dogs work alongside EDF Energy security teams and the civil nuclear constabulary.

“They check vehicles, bags, people and plant to ensure nothing we don’t want is brought to site.

“With lots of people coming onto site each day, and hundreds of deliveries, the dogs with their expert handlers make checking for explosives quick and easy, and the dogs love it.”

Part of the team this year includes Bumper, who is the youngest member of the Hartlepool outage team at eight months old.

Bumper is working alongside experienced dogs Wizz, who retires soon, and Dash, to become a fully licenced explosives dog.

“It is a perfect time for Bumper to complete his training as he can hone his skills alongside the more experienced members of the detection team.

“And he’s already proving a favourite with the staff here at Hartlepool.”