Hartlepool over-50s urged to get most out of their pension

Manager Joe Michna at Citizens Advice Hartlepool.
Manager Joe Michna at Citizens Advice Hartlepool.

A Hartlepool advice centre is encouraging the over-50s to take advantage of free guidance sessions to get the most from their pensions.

Pension Wise, offered by Citizens Advice Hartlepool has been in place for a year to help people get to grips with changes.

It’s never too early to start thinking about your pension

Joe Michna, Citizens Advice Hartlepool manager

Since last April, pension holders are able to decide whether they buy an annuity, cash in their whole pension pot, take a lump sum, or take a mixture.

Citizens Advice Hartlepool says the average age of people seeking guidance is 61 but free support is available for anyone aged over 50.

Manager Joe Michna, said: “It’s never too early to start thinking about your pension.

“The pension freedoms have given consumers a lot of options they might not be aware of or fully understand, such as cashing in part of their pension.

“Pension Wise guidance specialists can walk people through their options and get them on the right track towards a financially secure retirement.

“The service has been a great success so far and appointments can be arranged in our offices at Park Road, Hartlepool.”

People attending the service are asked to take as much information as they can about their pensions.

To book a face to face or telephone Pension Wise for an appointment, call 0800 138 8292. Or contact Citizens Advice Hartlepool on (01429) 408401.