Hartlepool plumber loves his van’s toilet humour!

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A PLUMBER has injected a bit of toilet humour into his business plan in an attempt to flush out additional customers.

John Alton, of Hartlepool-based John Alton Plumbing Services, has been turning heads with his van’s daring new paint job, which is anything but bog-standard.

His fun idea to brighten up his work’s van has proved to be a hit, and is guaranteed to bring a smile to the faces of those who see it as it drives round the streets of Hartlepool.

But far from simply being a potty-mouthed prank, John hopes the new design will prove to be a real business asset, and that the attention-grabbing paintwork will result in him and his team anwering more than just nature’s calls.

He said: “Most people didn’t notice the van much before, but now I’m hoping that it catches people’s attention and sticks in their mind.

“I want to get people talking about it, and then when they next need a plumber hopefully they’ll remember me and the van and give me a ring.”

John and his team have been specialising in boiler and bathroom installations in Hartlepool for over nine years, but the van’s cheeky new look has already proved to be an effective eye-catcher.

John, 28, who lives in Stonethwaite Close with his wife Joanne, 29, said: “I’ve had loads of comments on it already, everyone has noticed the van and I hope they’ll remember it.”

The plan is to add the design to other vehicles, and with such a positive reaction it looks like John and his team won’t be caught with their trousers down.