Hartlepool power station blaze review after fire at nuclear site

Emergency services on scene at Hartlepool power station.
Emergency services on scene at Hartlepool power station.

ONE of Hartlepool Power Station’s two reactors remains shut down after a fire.

EDF Energy, which runs the nuclear power station in Tees Road, Hartlepool, says there was an oil leak leading to a small fire on the lagging of a turbine.

Ten fire engines from Hartlepool and across the region were called to the fire, along with the police and ambulance services.

The fire was put out quickly, there were no injuries and emergency services said there was no risk to the public or staff.

Steam was vented from generators as part of the plant’s safety procedures and police said smoke was drifting away from the area.

Cleveland Fire Brigade said there was no risk of radiation from the blaze.

Power station bosses are assessing any damage after the fire on Saturday at 6.18pm.

A power station spokesman said: “There was an oil leak and small fire on the lagging surrounding part of the turbine equipment in the turbine hall of unit 2 at Hartlepool power station.

“This occurred while Reactor 2 was being brought back into service following a statutory outage.

“Reactor 2 was successfully shut down and cooled following discovery of the fire.

“The fire service attended site and, together with station staff, quickly brought the fire under control with any residual smouldering extinguished at 7.53pm.

“There were no injuries as a result of this incident, all staff have been accounted for and there is no threat to the public or staff from this fire which occurred on conventional plant in the turbine hall.

“The station is now in the process of reviewing any damage to the plant and will establish any repair programme required.

“Reactor 1 at the station has been unaffected and continues to operate at full power.”