Hartlepool power station is in good hands, says outgoing director

A power station boss believes Hartlepool's nuclear plant is in as good a position as it has been for 30 years.

Wednesday, 30th November 2016, 12:17 pm
Updated Tuesday, 6th December 2016, 11:42 am
Hartlepool power station director Simon Parsons.

Simon Parsons made the comment as he prepares to leave Hartlepool to become the head of a new deconstruction department within EDF Energy.

He spoke of the legacy he is leaving behind and described the highlights of his four years in town.

“A power station that will run for longer. A power station which is fit to run to 2024, and people that want to make this power station last as long as it can do.

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“It is safe, it is economical.”

EDF, and Simon, have developed a new generation of workers, and they have been heavily involved in the development of the station, he said.

“This year, in our statutory outage, we engaged young people into it because it is the future.

“It is not a risk when people, talented people, are involved with more experienced people watching over them, and hopefully they will stay in the future.”

His philosophy, he said, was to make the power station a success by employing local people.

“That is what we have done. They are engaged in the power station in a way that is so much more powerful.”

He said one of the most striking things he noticed on his arrival was the reception he got from the people.

“It is a great place. You have got wonderful people.

“The station is looking as good as it has done in 30 years.”