Hartlepool primary school set for expansion after huge rise in pupil numbers

Clavering Primary School, Hartlepool. Picture by FRANK REID
Clavering Primary School, Hartlepool. Picture by FRANK REID

A Hartlepool primary school has beeing given the go-ahead to expand to cope with increased pupil numbers.

Clavering Primary School is set to extend its school hall, which also doubles as the dining room, and a classroom, after seeing its numbers go up by 60% since it opened.

The school has received a number of previous approvals to allow the premises to be extended over the years to keep up with growing demand from families.

Headteacher Helen O’Brien said: “Clavering Primary School was originally built for 250 pupils.

“As the town’s population size has increased and more and more families are wanting their children to be educated at Clavering, we now have over 400 pupils.

“Extending the school; building new and reshaping current classrooms; and increasing the size of our school hall, which doubles up as our dining hall, are all vital to continue to provide the outstanding offer that we believe Clavering pupils enjoy.”

Two letters of objection from local residents were sent to the council for the latest application.

They were concerned that the extensions would cause additional loss of light to their homes, and the addition of flat roofs would lead to increased noise, mess and annoyance from nesting gulls.

The extensions were given unanimous backing from Hartlepool Borough Council’s Planning Committee.

A council report stated: “The extensions are considered to be in keeping with the existing design of the school.

“They will individually appear as very modest and subservient additions when viewed in the context of the host building as a whole.”

It added: “It is not envisaged that the extensions will adversely affect the level of light currently received by the surrounding properties despite concerns to the contrary.

“They will stand almost 40 metres away from the nearest adjoining dwelling with, in the case of the dining hall extension, a building and a substantial hedge in between.”