Hartlepool pupils are so proud of their heritage they have won an award

Vicky Angel from Heritage England handing the award to pupils Ben Taylor and Carys Duffy.
Vicky Angel from Heritage England handing the award to pupils Ben Taylor and Carys Duffy.

Hartlepool pupils have been awarded for getting to grips with the town’s heritage as part of a week-long project.

The children of the Federation of St Peter’s Elwick and Hart Primary School have been awarded the DfE Heritage Schools Award after completing the project which saw them study their villages, church and school, throughout history.

As part of their research children in the early years focussed upon a building within the villages.

The youngsters from St Peter’s looked at the windmill, while Hart pupils looked at the local Post Office.

During the project the children were involved in map reading and comparing and contrasting the two time periods.

Vicky Angel from Historic England visited the pupils during the week to help the KS2 children and their topic.

The work involved researching the local area, finding people on a census and taking a ‘walk’ down a street in history.

They also visited the graveyard and church.

As a result of all of their work, the children were awarded with the DfE Heritage Schools Award which has only been presented to five schools in the town including the two schools themselves.

Lyndsey James, history co-ordinator and project leader, said: “This week has been a fascinating week for all involved.

“The children have thoroughly enjoyed learning about their local area through history.

“The Heritage Award has made history ‘real’ for the children and has been a very worthwhile venture for all.

“Staff at the school have worked tirelessly in order to deliver this project, and I am incredibly proud of the Federation team.”

Children’s work will be displayed in school as a celebration of their achievement.