Hartlepool pupils present Archie Dobson’s War

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Talented pupils from a Hartlepool primary school stepped back in time to get into character for a wartime production.

The budding actors and actresses from Barnard Grove Primary School’s Drama Club, proudly presented Archie Dobson’s War.

The play was set in the First World War and was based on a character called Archie Dobson, who was 10 years old when the conflict broke out. It told the story about the impact the war had on his family and the town where he lived.

The children got into character and practised their acting skills in the drama club after school.

And it all paid off when they wowed the audience receiving rapturous applause.

Janine Thompson, from Barnard Grove Primary School, said: “The production was the culmination of all the hard work and commitment of the children in Barnard Grove’s Drama Club. This play was very different to other performances we have staged in school, being both poignant and sympathetic to the difficulties people endured at this time. The skills and enthusiasm displayed throughout the production by the children brought the story to life and moved the audiences.”