Hartlepool remembers the good times at Engineers Club

The Engineers Club in Raby Road
The Engineers Club in Raby Road

Friday night discos, outdoor boxing matches and live bands were just some of readers’ memories of Hartlepool’s Engineers Club.

Owners of the club, in Raby Road, announced this week that the club has closed following a drop in custom over the last year.

It was one of the most read stories on the Mail’s website for the day.

And dozens of you took to our Facebook page to share many happy memories enjoyed in the club over the years.

Chrissy Hendry said on Facebook: “My dad’s favourite place for many years. Think he got the bus there almost every night from Greatham for his couple of pints.

“I grew up remembering him always saying ‘I’m goin’ to the engineers’. He drank there for years.

“Lost him six years ago but know if he was still with us he would be gutted about it closing xx.”

Sue Preece said: “Used to go on a Friday night around 1970-ish, a lovely club and some good acts played here.”

Chelle Galloway said: “Friday night disco then last bus home.”

Brenda Farmers added: “Went here loads of times in the late 80s, always had a good time.”

Denise Johnson posted: “Used to go in on a Friday night in the 70s live bands on, had my wedding reception in there 1978.”

Pam Goode said: “Had my 18th in there & many a good disco night x”.

Ronald Harbron remembered: “I used to go to the Engineers club when WalterHazeltine was the boxing and wrestling promoter.

“I was a teenager in the 1950s. I saw Brian London and others box there. Lots of wonderful memories.”

Jim Robson said: “A casualty of changing social trends.

“In club heydays the man of the house held control of the pocket money, he visited pubs and clubs a lot, he smoked and gambled ... Very few family holidays or dining out or cafes then.

“Now the same pocket money is used far more for family social things and much less for clubs and pubs.”

Lisa Burnett said: “Mam worked here for years as did my aunty we had many a xmas party and loads of bus trips.”

Elizabeth Rooney said: “Only worked here a few years but what a joy it’s been.

Had some brilliant laughs with customers and staff a like. Will miss the lot of them x”.

Jackie Nowell said: “Best memories for me was when my brother Ralph Young used to all meet up on New Year’s Eve and then go back to his for a great party night miss them days the best xx.”