Hartlepool residents’ anger over double yellow lines

Trentbrooke Avenue Hartlepool. Picture by FRANK REID
Trentbrooke Avenue Hartlepool. Picture by FRANK REID

Residents have hit out at a decision by council chiefs to introduce double yellow lines in part of their road.

Householders in Trentbrooke Avenue say the move to prevent drivers parking on the pavements and causing damage is over the top.

The council’s Neighbourhood Services Committee agreed to go ahead with double yellow lines on bends saying vehicles that park on them block drivers’ view causing a safety hazard, and repairs to paving have been carried out several times.

But Andrew Rogers, who has lived in Trentbroke Avenue, for 26 years, disputes there is a problem and says the council has gone against numerous objections.

He said: “As a resident who has lived opposite one of these bends for over 25 years – 99% of the time there is no one parked there.

“There is probably less danger to children in this crescent than in most streets.

“Councillors are using a sledgehammer to crack a nut which isn’t even there.

“Repairs have been no more than in any other paved street in the town.”

A council spokesman said they would remind all motorists that they should not park on footpaths and have a responsibility to park in a way that does not cause an obstruction.

They added: “The installation of yellow lines on the bends in Trentbrooke Avenue aims to tackle a particular problem that has also resulted in damage to paving flags, leading to maintenance costs for the council and a risk of potential liability claims.

“The Traffic Regulation Order required to install the yellow lines was the subject of a statutory consultation period which included advertising it on site and in the Hartlepool Mail.

“As a result, 16 objections were received. As is usual in such circumstances, these were reported to the Council’s Neighbourhood Services Committee for consideration ahead of any final decision.

“The committee met on April 25 and councillors took a decision to approve the order – in line with a recommendation from officers in the council’s highways department – after considering the objections and looking at a number of other possible options for dealing with the parking problems in this area.”