Hartlepool residents angry with report on hosptial services

The University Hospital of Hartlepool.
The University Hospital of Hartlepool.

Residents of Hartlepool have reacted angrily to the latest report which ruled out bringing an accident and emergency unit back to the town.

The expert called in to review Hartlepool’s health provision, ruled out the move at a public meeting.

No change there what did you expect, more wasted money

Geoff Scanlon

Professor David Colin-Thome called for more planned surgey at The University Hospital of Hartlepool, along with other changes.

The chairman of the Local Health and Social Care Plan Working Group, says the current set-up - with A&E at North Tees Hospital in Stockton and acute services at The James Cook University Hospital in Middlesbrough - should remain.

His report said: “The operating model has to see most services provided in Hartlepool, with specialist acute services in hospitals outside Hartlepool to ensure the best possible outcome for patients.”

Householders across the town were left angered at the result.

On the Mail’s Facebook page, townsfolk expressed their disappointment.

Alison Flint, said: “Why don’t they close North Tees and open Hartlepool A&E back up, they’ve got James Cook we’ve got nothing. Why should we travel to other hospitals when we’ve got a good one at Hartlepool.”

Charlotte Macgregor, said: “It is ridiculous that people have to travel to North Tees from Hartlepool or the further villages for an A&E department, the extra time it takes could mean life or death for some people.”

Gerald Scanlon, said: “No change there what did you expect, more wasted money.”

And, retired nurse, Geoff Hare, said: “The powers that be seem determined to deprive Hartlepool of its vital hospital services.”

Darren Sutherland, said: “So this is got to be a joke with the population of Hartlepool and surrounding areas, come on councillers earn your money and MPs. I bet the so called expert dont live in Hartlepool.”

Maria Ward Oxley, said: “What are the “expert’s” reasons & do they live in Hartlepool?”

Gary Milburn, said: “But it is the whitewash the people expect.”

Anthony Layton, added: “In a town where people get stabbed every week, expert dooms hundreds to death.”

Simon Lloyd, said: “Was never going to happen.”

And, Kenny Gibson, added: “And people thought otherwise?”