Hartlepool residents warned to be on their guard against scammers

Police warning of scam callers.
Police warning of scam callers.

Police are warning householders to be on beware of bogus telephone callers.

Cleveland Police has today received over half a dozen reports from members of the public of a potential telephone scam.

Householders from across the force area have received phone calls from someone purporting to be from “Manchester Police” or “Hammersmith Police” and saying they were ringing in connection with an on-going fraud enquiry.

The caller then asked people for personal information including their bank details.

A spokeswoman said: "Fortunately we do not believe anyone has been victim of a fraud today, but we would remind everyone that police would never request anyone’s personal or bank details over the phone.

"We would advise anyone who receives a similar phone call to terminate the call immediately."