Hartlepool RNLI volunteer plucks drowning dog from Marina

RNLI volunteer Fred Robinson with Pickles.
RNLI volunteer Fred Robinson with Pickles.

A Hartlepool RNLI volunteer saved a drowning dog when he plucked him from the Marina.

Fred Robinson sprang into action when the dog 'Pickles' was spotted in distress late last night at Hartlepool Marina.

The 67-year-old, who is a lock gate operator at the Marina and Deputy Launch Authority at the Ferry Road lifeboat station, was alerted by two passers-by to the fact that a dog was struggling in the Marina close to the nearby Sea Cadet building.

Fred immediately jumped into one of the Hartlepool Marina boats and quickly found the dog, plucked it to safety from the water and then took it back to the lock gates office where it was dried off and made comfortable for the night.

Following the dramatic rescue Fred said: "I’m more used to pulling people out of the sea after 28 years volunteering with the RNLI, but this is my first dog rescue.

"I have called him ‘Pickles’ because he was in a bit of a pickle when I saved him. and I think there is a World Cup connection there as well after the dog that found the World Cup back in 1966."

Pickles was a black and white dog, known for his role in finding the stolen Jules Rimet Trophy in March 1966, four months before the 1966 FIFA World Cup was scheduled to kick off in England.

Fred said: "It was a disappointing night for the England World Cup team but a good night for Pickles.

"He’s a lovely friendly terrier and I hope we can reunite him with his owner quickly."

If anyone can help find the dog's owner contact Hartlepool Marina on 01429 865744.