Hartlepool’s battling youngster Alfie Smith may not require further surgery after doctors left ‘astounded’ by his progress

Alfie Smith has been nominated for a Best of  Hartlepool  Award.
Alfie Smith has been nominated for a Best of Hartlepool Award.

Brave youngster Alfie Smith may not require further surgery in his fight to walk after astounding doctors with his progress.

The 10-year-old, from Holdforth Road in Hartlepool, was given the news during his latest visit to see specialists in Leeds following his selective dorsal rhizotomy (SDR) operation.

The Throston Primary School pupil has been undergoing intense physiotherapy three times a day to get to the point where he can stand unaided.

His mum Annie Stalley, couldn’t be prouder to see her son defy all expectations.

She said: “We were in Leeds last week and doctors were astounded by the progress he has made.

“There is still a long way to go, but because he is done so amazingly over the last six months they don’t think he will need further surgeries.

“They planned to do hamstring surgery to lengthen his hamstrings and knee surgery as both legs are not straight - but they think it is more likely to do more damage. So it is all good news, he just needs to keep working hard.”

The SDR which aimed to reduce stiffness and spasticity to improve movement, followed a £50,000 fundraising campaign.

And now Alfie’s bravery has been recognised by the community who have put him forward for a Child of Courage Award in this year’s Best of Hartlepool Awards.

Annie is delighted by the nomination and added: “It is really nice to see that somebody recognises what he is going through.

“He is a lovely little boy and he will be really pleased to be nominated.

“He will really appreciate that somebody has put him forward for it.

“But he recognises that there are lots of other children who are in a lot worse situations than him.

“He has been through the mill the past 10 years of his life and there has been a lot going on this last year.”

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