Hartlepool’s Great War victims: ADAMS to AUCKLAND

Hartlepool historian Bert Wilson with the list of war dead.
Hartlepool historian Bert Wilson with the list of war dead.

THE Mail today begins printing an alphabetical list of the known local casualties of the Great War.

We will continue publishing the 1,748 names in weekly instalments until the centenary of the Bombardment of Hartlepool in December.

Our thanks go to Hartlepool historian Bert Wilson for allowing us to pubilsh the list. Bert compiled the names using official records from sources as London’s Imperial War Museum. We would like to illustrate our weekly tributes with photographs of those who died. If you have a picture of a relative who was killed as a result of the hostilities then please email it to mail.news@jpress.co.uk. Our newdesk can be contacted on (01429) 239381 for any further information.

Private George ADAMS, 20, Florence Street.

Private James W ADAMS, 24, Bramley Street.

Private Gordon ADAMS, 18 Sheriff Street.

Private Robert ADDISON, age unknown, Plevna Street.

Private Sydney ADDISON, 22, Talbot Street.

Private Robert ADDISON, age unknown, Middleton Road.

Private James AFFLECK, age unknown, Bertha Street.

Private James AGAR, 26, Moore Street.

Gunner John Robert AGAR, 23, Alice Street.

Sapper HM AGAR, age and address unknown.

Lance Corporal B AGAR, 31, Alice Street.

Sapper Samuel AINSLEY, 26, Back Lumley Street.

Private John AINSLEY, age unknown, Rodney Street.

Private William Dixon AINSLEY, age unknown, South Raby Street.

Private George AIREY, 29, Bellerby Terrace.

Private Thomas AITKEN, age unknown, care of Mrs Pann Middleton.

Private JW. ALDERSON, 30, Anthony Street.

Private T ALDERSON, age unknown, Bengal Street.

Private CG ALDERSON, age and address unknown.

Private C ALDERSON, age unknown, Hart Village.

Private Robert ALDUS, 20, 19 Plevna Street.

Coltman ALLAN, 29, West Hartlepool.

Private Frank ALLEN, 20, Silver Street.

Private Ronald ALLEN, 22, Houghton Street.

Driver A ALLEN, age unknown, West Hartlepool.

Private Francis ALLINSON, 20, Freeman Street.

Private Chas ALLISON, 21, Lynn Street.

Lance Corporal T ALLISON, age unknown, Albert Street.

Private Thomas ALLISON, 44, Harcourt Street.

Private W ALLISTON, age and address unknown.

Harold Thorpe ANDERSON, 36, Ellison Street.

Private Alexander ANDERSON, age unknown, Conyers Street.

Private John ANDERSON, 42, Charlotte Street.

Bombardier Harold H ANDERSON, age unknown, Avenue Road.

Walter L. ANDERSON N.E. 12 John Street.

Simpson ANDERSON, 30, age and address unknown.

Private JW ANDREWS, age unknown, Bowser Street.

Able Seaman JS ANDREWS, age unknown, Pilot Street.

Gunner David ANDREWS, age unknown, Hereford Street.

Richard ANGEL, 18, Hill Street.

Private John William ANGEL, 23, of Florence Street.

Second Lieutentant Robert MC ANGELS, 22, Mulgrave Road.

Private Billie ANNISS, age and address unknown.

Lance Corporal Fred ANSON, 23, of Redworth Street.

Private Arthur ANTON, age unknown, of Sussex Street.

Private William ARCHIBALD, 24, of Chester Road.

William ARMIN, age and address unknown.

Private A ARMIN, 24, of Darlington Terrace.

Private Alf ARMITAGE, 19, of Hart Road, Central Estate.

Stoker Thomas ARMSTRONG, age unknown, Bedford Street.

A/Bombardier John H ARMSTRONG, 33, Helmsley Street.

Private Nathan ARMSTRONG, 22, Anthony Street

Private James ARNOLD, age unknown, Turnbull Street.

Private S ARNOLD, age unknown, Brougham Terrace.

Private SBC ARNOLD, 21, Laurence Street.

Private Thomas Henry ASHTON, 22, Keswick Street.

John ATKINSON, 21, Alice Street.

Private Edwin G ATKINSON, 17, Cumberland Street.

Driver Harold ATKINSON, 20, South Parade.

Private Theo ATKINSON, 20 Johnson Street.

Herbert ATKINSON, age unknown, South Parade.

Private Robert ATKINSON, age unknown, Redworth Street.

Private Thomas AUCKLAND, age unknown, Everard Street.