Hartlepool’s Great War Victims: BACON to BOOTH

The field of poppies planted in Habergham Eaves to commemorate the First World War. (s)
The field of poppies planted in Habergham Eaves to commemorate the First World War. (s)

We are printing an alphabetical list of the known local casualties of the Great War as part of our Hartlepool at War series of articles.

The 1,748 names will be published in weekly instalments until the centenary of the Bombardment of Hartlepool in December.

Our thanks go to Hartlepool historian Bert Wilson for allowing us to publish the list.

Bert compiled the names using official records from sources such as London’s Imperial War Museum.

We would like to illustrate our weekly tributes with photographs of those who died.

If you have a picture of a relative who was killed as a result of the hostilities then please email it to mail.news@northeast-press.co.uk.

Our newdesk can be contacted on (01429) 239381 for any further information.

Lieutenant Allen Harvey Bacon, age and address unknown.

Corporal Horace Bacon, age unknown, Murray Street.

Captain Albert Edwin Bainbridge, age unknown, Collingwood Road.

Private AC Baines, age unknown, Scarborough Street.

EJ Baker, age unknown, Beechwood Road.

Private Albert Baker, 19, Charlotte Street.

Private JR Baldry, 40, address unknown.

Private Laurence 
Baldwin, 20, Seamer Street.

Driver J Baldwin, age unknown, Scarborough Street.

Private Chad Richard Bamford, 29, Burn Road.

Pioneer JR Bamlett, age unknown, Burbank Street.

Private GH Banks, age unknown, Grace Street.

Sergeant George 
Banks, age unknown, Grace Street.

Private Horace Banks, age unknown, South Parade.

Gunner Robert C Banks, 22, Alma Street.

Ernest J Banwell, 30, address unknown.

Private Edwin Barber, 27, Dorset Street.

Private Thos Barber, age unknown, Stephen Street.

Private Robert Barff, age unknown, Charlotte Street.

Private JJ Barker, 20, Scarborough Street.

Private Thomas Barker, 21, Stephen Street.

Private Leonard Barker, age unknown, Ladysmith Street.

Private S Barker, 24, Jersey Street.

Private Allan Barker, 28, Scarborough Street.

Anthony Barker, age unknown, Albert Street.

Private William Parkerson Barnard, 32, address unknown.

Driver Oswald Barnett, 32, Sydenham Road.

Gunner JW Barr, 27, Carr Street.

Able Seaman William G Barrett, 39, Furness Street.

Corporal Herbert 
Barrowcliffe, 24, Ouston Street.

Stoker GE Bartholomew, 19, Lilley Street.

George Bartley, 20, address unknown.

Lance Corporal Charles Edw Bartram, 25, Helmsley Street.

Sapper Samuel Paul Bastow, age unknown, Hartlepool Hotel.

Private Alan W Batchelor, age unknown, Grange Road.

Stoker Albert Bate, 22, Faulder Road.

Private Mark Bates, 25, Henry Street.

Private Bertie Baxter, 20, Cromwell Street.

Private Albert G Baynes, 19, Scarborough Street.

Albert Beach, 20, Dalton Street.

George Beattie, age 
unknown, Watson Street.

Private William 
Beattie, 19, Union Road.

Private Albert Beck, age unknown, Dene Street.

GE Beckett, age unknown, Penrhyn Street.

Bombardier F Beedle, age unknown, Devon Street.

Stoker Joseph Beha, 26, Hermit Street.

Private Claude L Belcher, age unknown, Park Street.

Private Eric Belk, 21, Seaton Carew.

Private CW Bell, 29, Commercial Terrace.

Private JW Bell, 18, Murray Street.

Private RH Bell, age unknown, Everett Street.

Private Wilson Bell, age and address unknown.

Gunner SR Bell, 22, Peckett Street.

Private John Thomas Bell, 31, Lilley Street.

William Bell, age and address unknown.

Lance Corporal John William Bell, 34, Dalton Street.

2nd Lieutenant James Bell, 25, Lowthian Road.

2nd Lieutenant Robert Norman Bell, 27, Pera, Clifton Avenue.

Corporal John Bennett, 26, Hutton Avenue.

Lance Corporal TW Benson, 23, Colwyn Road.

Private Wilfred Bentley, 17, Slake Terrace.

Private Victor EE Bentley, age unknown, Morton House, The Green.

Robert Bere, 19, Penzance Street.

Edmund Berry, age unknown, Milton Road.

Private George Henry Berry, 35, Winter Street.

Private Thomas Wm Berry, 27, Murray Street.

Private Wilfred Berry, age unknown, Mozart Street.

Private George Berry, age unknown, Mozart Street.

Private Thomas W Berry, age unknown, Elwick Road.

Private A Bexfield, age and address unknown.

EJ Biller, age unknown, Brougham Terrace.

Private Robert 
Billsborrow, 22, Beacon House.

Sapper JF Bilton, 21, address unknown.

Private TS Binning, age unknown, Ashgrove Avenue.

Lance Corporal Edward Binning, age and address unknown.

Private Alfred Birch, age unknown, Suggitt Street.

Private JH Birkbeck, age unknown, Alliance Street.

Sergeant Clarence Birkenshaw, 44, Ashburn Street.

Private Harold Victor Birks, 19, Southburn Terrace.

Lance Corporal Arthur Reginald Birks, 20, Westbourne Road.

Private Victor H Birks, age unknown, Southbourne Terrace.

Private Ralph Black, age unknown, Durham Street.

Private John Blackett, 31, Clyde Street.

Private James McGregor Blackwood, 22, Gas Street.

Sapper William Blair, 32, address unknown.

Sergeant Harry 
Blakeley, 28, Alderson Street.

2nd Lieutenant Bert Bloom, age unknown, Granville Avenue.

Gunner George Boagey, 21, Grosvenor Street.

Stoker Robert Boagey, 29, Alliance Street.

Gunner George Wm Boagey, 26, Turnbull Street.

Private Thos Bolam, age unknown, Angus Street.

Corporal JW Bolton, age unknown, Belk Street.

Private Tom Bonnard, 25, Studley Road.

Private FW Boody, 32, Wensleydale Street.

Signaller Jos 
Boosefield, age unknown, Hill Street.

Stoker Edward Booth, age unknown, Dover Street.

Engineer William Booth, age unknown, Dover Street.

Private Robert Booth, age and address unknown.

Private Percy Booth, 22, Berwick Street.