Hartlepool’s Great War Victims: BOOTH to BUXTON

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THE Mail is printing an alphabetical list of the known local casualties of the Great War as part of our Hartlepool at War series of articles. The 1,748 names will be published in weekly instalments until the centenary of the Bombardment of Hartlepool in December.

Our thanks go to Hartlepool historian Bert Wilson for allowing us to publish the list. Bert compiled the names using official records from sources such as London’s Imperial War Museum. We would like to illustrate our weekly tributes with photographs of those who died.

If you have a picture of a relative who was killed as a result of the hostilities then please email it to mail.news@northeast-press.co.uk.

Our newdesk can be contacted on (01429) 239381 for any further information.

Private Fred S Booth, age and address unknown.

Cecil Booth, 19, Berwick Street.

Sergeant William Bootham, age unknown, Burbank Street.

Percy Borrett, 20, Belmont Gardens.

Private John Robert Borrows, age unknown, Pilot Street.

Sapper R Borthwick, age unknown, Middleton.

Private Matt Borthwick, age and address unknown.

Private George Borthwick, 29, Cleveland Road.

Corporal R Boult, age and address unknown.

2nd Lieutenant HW Boulton, age unknown, Moorside.

Lance Corporal J Boumphrey, 24, Furness Street.

Private W Henry Bower, 20, Dyke Street.

1st Class Stoker William Edward Bowes, 27, Mary Street.

Private James A Bowlt, 39, Cumberland Street.

Corporal Thos Bowlt, age and address unknown.

Private TS Bowlt, 41, address unknown.

Private Arthur Edwin Bowman, 28, Grosvenor Street.

William H Boyce, age and address unknown.

Private James Boyd, age unknown, William Street.

Alex Campbell Boyd, age and address unknown.

Private John Boylan, 35, Burbank Street.

Gunner James O Boyle, 23, address unknown.

Lance Corporal James Bradley, age and address unknown.

Sergeant AE Bradley, age unknown, Gainford Street.

Stoker William Bradley, 17, Back Harrison Street.

Stoker Sydney Bradley, 18, Church Row.

Sapper Joseph Bradley, 29, Howard Street.

Private W Bradley, 19, back Harrison Street.

Robert Braithwaite, 29, Harrow Street.

Lance Corporal George Brattie, age and address unknown.

Private Thomas Breadsmore, 23, Water Street.

Private Walter Breward, 20, Adelaide Street.

Private Robert W Brighton, 36, Blaydon Street.

Lance Corporal Jas Henry Briscoe, 31, Seamer Street.

Private JH Briscoe, age unknown, Clifton Street.

Sapper JJ Broadhead, 41, Hart Road.

Private Edward Patrick Brogan, age unknown, York Road.

Private Thomas J Brogan, 23, York Road.

Stoker John Thomas Broom, 19, Alfred Street.

Private William Broom, 39, Hermit Street.

Private JJ Broom, age unknown, Stainton Street.

Corporal Bert Broughton, age and address unknown.

Gunner Joseph Brown, 43, Northumberland Street.

Private James L Brown, 18, Hart Road.

2nd Lieutenant Walter Brown, age unknown, Longdale, Westbourne Road.

Lance Corporal Edward Brown, 21, Plevna Street.

Signaller George W Brown, 25, Scarborough Street.

Lance Corporal JWH Brown, 18, address unknown.

Private Tom Brown, age and address unknown.

Private Thomas William Brown, 19, Temperance Street.

Private WH Brown, 25, Lancelot Street.

Private James Brown, 21, Frederick Street.

Gunner Edward Brown, age unknown, Northumberland Street.

Private JW Brown, 20, Slater Street.

Private John Brown, age and address unknown.

Private JC Brown, age unknown, Victoria Place.

Sapper Tom Browning, 30, Hurworth Street.

Pioneer James Bruce, age unknown, Northumberland Street.

Private H Bruce, 20, Durham Street.

Private Jack Brunton, age and address unknown.

Private Robert Bryan, 22, Faulder Road.

Jas Ormiston Bryson, 20, Hart Street.

Private Walter Thomas Buchan, 25, Alfred Street.

Able Seaman Sydney Buckley, 21, Murray Street.

Tom Bulman, age and address unknown.

Private John Bulmer, age and address unknown.

Private Herbert BULMER, age and address unknown.

Lance Corporal James Moir Bunkall, 26, Archer Street.

Charles Frederick Burch, 22, Lumley Square.

WR Burden, age unknown, Marlborough Street.

Walter R Burdon, age unknown, Marlborough Street.

Sergeant James Burke, 29, Mainforth Terrace.

Private Rupert Burke, age unknown, Corporation Road.

Corporal John Burke, 33, Richmond Street.

Private Frederick John Burn, age unknown, Bengal Street.

Private Henry Burn, age and address unknown.

Private Norman Burnham, 22, Studley Road.

Private Ernest Burnham, age unknown, Rossall Street.

Private Thomas Burns, 19, St John Street.

Stoker Joseph Burns, 30, Bedford Street.

Stoker Peter Burns, 18, York Road.

Private Thomas Burrell, 23, Laurence Street.

Stoker Matthew Burns, age unknown, Burbank Street.

Private Harold Burroughs, 26, Gas Street.

Private Robert Burton, age unknown, Stockton Street.

Lance Corporal Robert Burton, 19, Cumberland Street.

Private HG Burton, age unknown, Stockton Street.

Private Septimus Busby, 21, address unknown.

Samuel Busfield, age unknown, Alma Street.

Private James W Butcher, age unknown, Laurence Street.

Lance Corporal G Butcher, 30, Lily Street.

Private Harry Butler, 35, John Street.

Private George Wm Butler, 20, Frederick Street.

Sergeant Thomas Butler, age unknown, Bangor Street.

Edw Butler, age unknown, High Street.

Private Thos Henry Buttery, 22, James Street.

Bombardier Thomas Buttery, 24, Rugby Terrace.

Private Samuel L Buxton, 28, West Hartlepool.