Hartlepool school launches new walking bus to boost pupils’ health

The walking bus arrives at Brougham Primary School
The walking bus arrives at Brougham Primary School

A primary school in Hartlepool has demonstrated its commitment to the health and safety of pupils by launching a walking bus.

The so called ‘bus’ makes sure that children safely get to Brougham Primary School via Lime Crescent, Chatham Road, Raby Road, Avondale Gardens, Milbank Road and Brougham Terrace.

A ‘walking bus’ is a means by which children walk to school as part of a group and their formation re-creates the spacing of seats on a bus.

The school’s walking bus is used by around ten pupils each day, but the aim is to increase that number over the coming months.

Education chiefs say they have several positive gains for families.

Justin Goult, from Hartlepool Borough Council’s Road Safety Team, said: “The benefits of walking in terms of improving children’s health and reducing traffic congestion outside schools are well documented.

“Walking buses can assist working parents who perhaps don’t have the time to walk to school with their children, and they also provide peace of mind that their children are being well looked after and supervised as they make their way to school.”

Brougham Primary School headteacher Julie Thomas said: “As a school, we have a strong commitment to promote a healthy lifestyle to our pupils.

“We appreciate the health and safety benefits for children of walking to school regularly and we are pleased to have been able to launch the walking bus.

“I would particularly like to acknowledge the work of Aja Auton and Jenn Hopkins in setting up the initiative and helping to run it on a daily basis.”