Hartlepool schoolgirl Jennifer has designs on recycling

Environmental projects officer Joanne Taylor with poster competition winner Jennifer Uchndu.
Environmental projects officer Joanne Taylor with poster competition winner Jennifer Uchndu.

A Hartlepool schoolgirl has won a prize for her efforts to promote recycling.

Jennifer Uchndu, 11, from St Joseph’s Primary School in the town, was the winner of a poster competition organised by Hartlepool Council,

She was one of a number of environmentally-aware pupils from primary schools in the town who were supporting a drive to ensure households recycle their waste properly.

Children from seven schools took part in special “recycling assemblies” delivered by staff from Hartlepool Council.

During the assemblies, the pupils learned about what materials can be recycled and the types of waste that residents should put in their grey recycling bins.

They also learned how tonnes of recyclable waste can sometimes be lost due to “contamination” by non-recyclable items.

The council’s policy of not emptying grey bins that are found to be contaminated and marking them with a red tag was also explained.

Joanne Taylor, Hartlepool Council environmental projects officer, said: “The pupils were all very attentive and enthusiastic about the issue of recycling.

“We wanted to give them an insight into some of the key issues around recycling in Hartlepool, particularly the contamination of grey bins.

“We hope they will take the lessons learned on board personally, as well as relaying them to their families and friends.”

After the assemblies, pupils were invited to design a poster which will be distributed around the town to promote effective recycling.

Jennifer’s entry was judged the winner withCharlotte Lowes, five, from Throston Primary School named the runner-up.

The “recycling assemblies” are part of a wider Council campaign to promote effective recycling which includes the launch of an online tool that enables residents to check whether particular items can be put in their grey recycling bins.

By going to www.hartlepool.gov.uk/can-it-be-recycled they are able to select the waste item they wish to query from a drop-down list.