Hartlepool schools are top of the class for Fairtrade support

Mayor Paul Beck surrounded by pupils and staff from Hartlepool Fairtrade schools
Mayor Paul Beck surrounded by pupils and staff from Hartlepool Fairtrade schools

Schools that help food producers in poorer countries to get a fair deal were praised by the Mayor of Hartlepool during a special event.

Hartlepool Fairtrade Steering Group organised a Schools Fairtrade Fair to celebrate the work of teachers and pupils in town to support the initiative.

Six schools set up stall in Hartlepool Art Gallery to showcase how they support Fairtrade, and each was presented with a certificate from local Fairtrade leaders by Mayor Councillor Paul Beck.

Joe Harrison, from the Fairtrade Foundation in London also attended the event and spoke of the value of the work the schools are doing.

Martin Green, of the Hartlepool Fairtrade Steering Group, said: “We put on the Fairtrade fair for all the Fairtrade schools in town to show what they are doing and for other schools to see what they can do.”

Children from Throston, Springwell, Clavering, Catcote Academy, Catcote Futures and Hart and Elwick primary schools were at the fair to receive their certificates.

Councillor Beck said each school are a credit to the town.

He said: “I said when I became mayor that fundraising comes second and the community, especially our schools, care homes and disabled services, comes first.

“This is very much part and parcel of that. It is fantastic to have our young children involved in things like Fairtrade.

“We are a Fairtrade town.”

Fairtrade schools can achieve one of three statuses from being Fair Aware to Fair Active and finally a Fair Achiever School.

Joe Harrison, from the Fairtrade Foundation told the Hartlepool, schools: “It’s great that you are part of this worldwide movement to help farmers get a fair deal for what they grow in their fields.

“Being a Fairtrade school is a great chance to learn about where food comes from and how we are all connected.”