Hartlepool set for dismal weather spell

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HARTLEPOOL looks set for a dismal spell of weather over the next few days.

Light clouds and showers are expected to drizzle down on the town on Monday morning, followed by heavy rainfall and dark, thick clouds in the afternoon.

Temperatures are thought to reach no more than 7C with wind speeds reaching up to 10mph.

Tuesday is forecast for lighter cloud and warmer temperatures of 10C. Winds should drop to around 6mph and remain the same into the night, when dark clouds are once again expected to cover the sky.

Wednesday is again predicted to be a dark and dreary day with a belt of grey cloud, winds of 10mph and thermometers hitting highs of 8C.

Thursday is forecast for white cloud, and highs of 9C, which will be cooled by winds of 12mph.

The winds and temperatures will drop slightly into the evening, when light rain is thought to shower the town on and off throughout the night.