Hartlepool slimmer sheds the pounds to achieve her dream

Jan Weedall after her weight loss.
Jan Weedall after her weight loss.

A super slimmer is on a high after losing weight to achieve her dreams.

Jan Weedall, 58, lost 3st 7lb after joining a Hartlepool branch of Slimming World back in 2016.

The mum-of-two dropped from just over 13st and a size 18 to 20, to 9st 7lb and a size 12 - reaching her target in February.

Now Jan is on top of the world after achieving her dream of reaching the peak of Cat Bells in the Lake District on March 7.

Jan said: “I have been to the Lake District for a number of years and have always had to make do with a gentle stroll around the lakes as I did not have the energy or ability to do strenuous walks due to my weight and lack of fitness.”

Before losing the weight Jan would have toast with butter for breakfast, skip lunch or have a supermarket sandwich with mayo. Snacking on biscuits throughout the day before eating a heavy meal late at night.

Now she has yoghurt and fruit for breakfast, a salad or fish for lunch and home cooked meals such as chilli for dinner, swapping biscuits for fruit. 
She added: “Whilst on a number of visits to the Lake District I always envied those people who did fantastic walks in the area and always wished that I could walk up to Cat Bells in Derwentwater, however together with my weight and complete lack of fitness was always unable to do so.

“So having lost weight and now being able to walk to the top it was momentous.

“I feel like a new person, happier, healthier and fitter and now fully enjoying life.”
Now Jan has been inspired to help others, becoming a Slimming World consultant at Owton Manor Community Centre Wynyard Road.

Her first session will take place at 5pm and 7pm on Tuesday, May 2.
If you would like to join contact her on: 07940266109.