Hartlepool superslimmer Stacey loses 9st 10lb after daughter’s cutting comment

Stacey Cameron with her children (left to right) Madison, Ellis and Mia.
Stacey Cameron with her children (left to right) Madison, Ellis and Mia.

A CUTTING comment from her young daughter spurred a super-slimmer to lose almost half her body weight.

Hartlepool woman Stacey Cameron weighed 20st 6lb when daughter Madison, then five, asked: “Why is mummy so fat when my friends’ mummies aren’t?”

Although Stacey admits it was a “kick in the teeth”, it was the kick-start she needed to do something about her weight.

And in just 15 months, the mum-of-three has shed a staggering 9st 10.5lb, dropping to her target of 10st 10lb and shrinking from size 26 to size 10-12.

Now eight-year-old St Helen’s school pupil Madison thinks her mum is “a pretty princess” who “used to be fat and now she’s shrunk”.

Stacey, 27, of Gibb Square, the Headland, said: “I feel brilliant.

“I never once felt like giving up – every time I got a new award for a new target I was like ‘let’s go for the next half a stone’.

“I was so focused.”

Her message to other wannabe slimmers is: “With the right people and right support, anybody can do it.”

Recalling the day of Madison’s comment, she said: “I was unhappy in myself at the time, my weight started getting me down.

“It was the kick in the teeth I needed.

“I held it together in front of her, but broke down when I rang my mum.

“It was the final straw.”

Stacey, also mum to Ellis, five, and two-year-old Mia, said she was always “chunky” growing up, but never let it bother her.

She said after she married security worker Scott, 31, and started a family, she would lose a little weight, but then put it back on in pregnancy.

And she would get out of breath just running up the stairs and felt she could not play with her children like healthier mums.

“I was always the one sitting on the sidelines in the park, while Daddy ran about chasing the kids,” she added.

Stacey put her fantastic achievement down to the support of her local Slimming World group, based at St Bega’s Primary School and led by Nicci Moorhouse.

Before joining, she would go without breakfast and would snack on crisps and biscuits and have a takeaway with her husband on an evening, or microwave meals.

Now she actually eats more food, but it is healthy stuff.

The full-time mum has a Slimming World cooked breakfast, a typical lunch is tuna pasta with salad, tea can be chicken curry and she can have ‘sins’ like the odd bag of crisps.

She does a lot of walking and says being a mum and doing housework keeps her active.

Her fantastic efforts have won her the Durham and Wearside Slimming World Woman of the Year title, after beating off competition from 20 other entrants.

Her inspirational story got her through to the national finals, taking place in Birmingham on October 6.

Fifty entrants will be whittled down to 10 for the grand final, hosted by TV presenter Paddy McGuiness, in November.