Hartlepool Tall Ships worker looks set to be reunited with crew

The crew from Wyvern put a poster up looking for Angie.
The crew from Wyvern put a poster up looking for Angie.

A tall ship crew and a volunteer who met when the races visited Hartlepool in 2010 look set to be reunited.

When the Wyvern arrived at Hudson Dock in Sunderland this week the crew’s first question was “Where’s Angie from Hartlepool?”

Angela Gibson.

Angela Gibson.

With help from a reader the Hartlepool Mail has managed to track down Angela Gibson who worked as the liaison officer for the Norwegian class B vessel when the Tall Ships Races came to Hartlepool in 2010.

And, the adult education worker, who is currently living in Castle Eden, is hoping to be reunited with the Wyvern crew later this week.

The Mail appealed to find Angie because although they didn’t know her surname, the 12-strong crew, said they would love to meet up with her again.

Sail trainee Arne Magnus Sortland, who is now embarking on his fourth tall ship adventure, said: “She was awesome in every way she could be. She invited her whole family to come and see us. She organised everything the crew needed to remember Hartlepool in a wonderful way.”

We did have a great connection and they were a smashing group of blokes

Angela Gibson

In a bid to trace Angie, the crew even put a big poster up on the side of the ship saying “where is Angie from Hartlepool?”

Angie, said she was really touched when she heard the crew were asking about her.

She said: “It is so lovely they want to meet up. We did have a great connection and they were a smashing group of blokes, I would like to meet up with them again.

“They gave me an email when they left so we could keep in touch and I did try to contact them, but it must have been the wrong address because it didn’t work.”

Angie, who is from North Yorkshire, was living in Hartlepool at the time of the visit because she had been studying a degree at the Cleveland College of Art and Design and was keen to volunteer.

She said: “Working on the Tall Ships in Hartlepool was a fantastic experience. It was a really joyful occasion.

“I would have loved to volunteer again this year for the visit to Sunderland, but I just didn’t have the time to commit to it.

“But, I am looking forward to going along to see the ships and the Wyvern crew again.”

The Wyvern was launched in 1897 and sailed under the German flag until after the First World War. She was later owned by a British couple, who sailed her for 27 years until 1973. She now races under the ownership of the Stavanger Maritime Museum. She is one of 50 plus ships in Sunderland until Saturday.