Hartlepool Ukelele Group takes part in Liverpool Summer Strum

Hartlepool Ukulele Group (HUG) at the Summer Strum on The Wirral.
Hartlepool Ukulele Group (HUG) at the Summer Strum on The Wirral.

A contingent of talented Hartlepool pluckers travelled to Merseyside to play a strummingly good music festival.

The super team from Hartlepool Ukulele Group (HUG) visited Hoylake on the Wirral to take part in the annual Summer Strum.

And this year, HUG stepped up to represent Hartlepool and gave a cracking performance to boot.

They played a great selection of songs from their ever-growing repertoire which are found to be loved by adults and children alike.

Brian Edmenson, musical director of HUG said: “I already had strong links with musicians in the area and was very pleased when Hug were asked to perform.”

Brian added: “All of the performers were of a high standard and the enthusiasm was contagious with HUG performing very well.

“They were well received by a very enthusiastic audience.”

Brian Davies, HUG chairman, said: “A great weekend was had by all and it was one of the friendliest festivals I’ve ever been to.

“The local ukulele groups made us very welcome and the weekend was well worth the journey.

“We already have an invite for next year’s festival and we are all looking forward to it.”

Stan Filipowicz, HUG secretary said: “We were all very proud to play representing both HUG, but also Hartlepool.

“In just over two years HUG has gained a reputation which extends way beyond the North East.

“This is down to the hard work and dedication of our members, although we are very strong on the fun side of the group.”

The Summer Strum began in 2013 as a day-long celebration of the ukulele in aid of local charity groups.

The two open mic live stages have attracted ukulele groups and enthusiasts from the North West and afar.

The Strum this year was organised by Wirral Ukulele Orchestra in collaboration with the Wirral Festival of Firsts.

Hoylake Rugby Club was the venue and they had facilities on offer with many festival goers choosing to camp for the weekend.