Hartlepool Ukip leader says whole political landscape has changed after Brexit vote

JohnTennant. Picture by FRANK REID
JohnTennant. Picture by FRANK REID

The leader of Ukip in Hartlepool says the referendum decision to leave the EU sent a strong message that people want their country back.

Councillor John Tennant, who is chairman of the local branch and also the Ukip group leader on Hartlepool Borough Council, said even he was surprised at the size of the Brexit vote in Hartlepool at 70%.

It has changed the political landscape of the entire country hugely

Councillor John Tennant, Ukip group leader

He said: “I’m obviously incredibly happy with the result and the fact Britain has made the decision to leave especially when at the beginning of the night quite a few people in the Leave campaign thought that Remain would just sneak it.

“It has changed the political landscape of the entire country hugely.

“For Hartlepool, I’m not surprised that the leave vote won.

“However, I was expecting 60% rather than 70% so obviously I’m incredibly happy about that.

“I want to thank all those who voted to leave in Hartlepool sending a very strong message.”

Coun Tennant attended the Hartlepool and regional count in Sunderland and said the turning point was when Birmingham and Durham voted for Britain to leave.

“To win those areas really does send a very powerful message that people are fed up and just want our country back.”
He said concerns around rising immigration was one reason people in town voted the way they did.

He added: “The Labour In group didn’t really bring enough passion to the whole debate.

“Lastly, it is a massive two fingers to the establishment.”

At 69.6%, Hartlepool registered the largest leave result out of any constituency in the North East between Redcar and Cleveland and Northumbria.