Hartlepool United fans welcome takeover

Neil Appleyard Chairman of the Hartlepool United Disabled Supporters' Association.
Neil Appleyard Chairman of the Hartlepool United Disabled Supporters' Association.

Hartlepool United fans have welcomed the new ownership of the club and say they are feeling more positive for its future.

Under new chairman Pam Duxbury, the club has established stronger ties with fans groups including the Hartlepool United Supporters Trust, as part of talks to move towards greater fan ownership.

John McQue, a board member of the supporters trust told the Mail: “I think the big thing for most people is that the previous regime is no more.

“It has already been a very positive response. Pam Duxbury has kept us as a trust informed all the way along about what’s going on and has been completely straight with us.

“I think she has been a breath of fresh air and is trustworthy as well.”

Yesterday’s announcement was the latest in a series of developments over the summer, from new manager Craig Harrison and new signings, to the renaming of Victoria Park in a £240,000 sponsorship deal with town business Utility Alliance.

John added: “There’s a feeling of togetherness there and that’s been missing for a very, very long time – possibly going back to the days of Harold Hornsey.

“There is a feeling we are all in this together and everybody needs to do their bit.”
He said that included buying season tickets, which many fans were reluctant to do while JPNG still owned the club.

“Now we can say if you can afford a season ticket, get one bought,” said John.

Neil Appleyard of Hartlepool United Disabled Supporters’ Association (HUDSA) also welcomed the developments as “very positive”.

He said: “I think it will go down very well with fans. People were so sad and despondent after last season.
“We have changed a lot of things; the manager, the club badge and the ethos of the club.

“I think it is a whole new era, where we start afresh and hopefully move onwards and upwards.”