Hartlepool United’s ‘ban sexists’ tweet goes viral

Hartlepool United Football Club.
Hartlepool United Football Club.

Hartlepool United’s response to a fan calling for women to be barred from the players’ lounge has gone viral online.

A Pools fan going by the name Tim Dawson (@poolietim) on Twitter messaged the club following Hartlepool’s home game against Yeovil.

He said: “@Official_HUFC any chance we can get women barred out of the players lounge please? Its a mans sport #menneedtherespacefromwomen.”

But the club hit back saying: “We could bar sexists instead if you like?”

Pools’ response has so far been retweeted more than 3,000 times by Twitter users far and wide and liked 6,000 times.

The club’s USA supporters branch (@USA Pools) tweeted: “WORLD CLASS TWEET”.

Liz Luff‏(@LizLongstonePR) said: “@Official_HUFC well said! x”.

Mike Benson ‏(@MikeyBensonesq) said: “I just had to check the date. I thought it was the 60s for a second.”

Andrew Harper (‏@andsharper22) said: “More ladies following and playing football these days and should be appreciated and welcomed at all times at all clubs.”

David Moore (‏@morteinmooie) said: “Great response from a club. Could easily let this slide, but chose to make a public stand. Well done @Official_HUFC.”

But the fan concerned remained unrepentant tweeting back: “eh??? sexist??? its a mans sport.......do I go to netball??”