Hartlepool United striker Padraig Amond becomes National Citizen Service Ambassador

Padraig Amond is an ambassador for the National Citizen Service.
Padraig Amond is an ambassador for the National Citizen Service.

Hartlepool United striker Padraig Amond has been named as this season’s National Citizen Service (NCS) Ambassador.

The announcement comes from Hartleool United Community Sports Foundation who said the United number nine will join 40 footballers from across the country in pledging their support for the NCS programme.

Amond will play an integral role in helping raise awareness on NCS and engage with the wider community.

Already he has been engaging with Hartlepool’s young people during the autumn half-term NCS programme, where he met with a group taking part in a St John’s Ambulance first aid course and acted as a casualty for the teens to test their skills on.

Padraig Amond said: “I think it’s great that Hartlepool United is the local delivery provider for this prestigious National Citizen Service (NCS) programme for 15 to 17-year-olds.

“It’s a once in a lifetime opportunity and has made a massive impact on teenagers confidence, leadership and independence skills. 
“More than 270,000 young people have already said yes to NCS.

“Now it’s your chance to say yes.”

Vicki Hutchinson, NCS Coordinator at Hartlepool United Community Sports Foundation, said: “It’s great to have Padraig Amond on-board with the NCS programme as an ambassador for Hartlepool United.

“We are delighted to be have Padraig supporting the scheme and we are looking forward to inviting him to spend some more hands-on time as an NCS ambassador, in order to support the young people of Hartlepool as they embark on their NCS journey.”

Bookings are now open for the summer 2017 NCS programme with Hartlepool United Community Sports Foundation.

The programme will be running during the holidays and is open to all 15 to 17-year-olds for £50 or less, depending on circumstances.

To find out more or to book a place, call 0191 247 4020 or visit NCSNORTHEAST.co.uk.